Bases and Electricity for Spas and Tubs

When you buy your new Hot Tub or Swimspa there are a few rules that must be followed to ensure you have many years of trouble-free enjoyment.

France is a diverse country from the mountains of the Alps, to the granite of the Correze, to the Coasts of the Atlantic and Mediterranean... whether you're in Alsace, Brittany, Charente or Dordogne... speak to us about your spa base or electrics!

Spa Bases

Concrete Base for Spas and Hot Tubs - Simply Spas FranceOn average a spa filled with water and holding 6 people will weigh around 2.5 tons so it is very important to sit the spa on a solid base. We recommend concrete, slabs or decking. In some circumstances compacted stones are OK as long as the ground underneath is solid.

Don't be tempted to place your spa on soil, grass or any other type of sinkable surface as the spa will sink over time and could cause permanent damage to the spa shell which will not be covered under warranty.

Concrete slabs laid in sand and cement is fine as is a solid timer deck that has feet set in concrete. A concrete base will need to be no less that 10cm thick and will need a mesh of steel inserted into it, a bit like a sandwich filling. There is another product available called fibre glass that is sprinkled into the mix however we still recommend a steel mesh.

If you want to lay a base much larger than the spa itself that is fine as long as you remember that the bigger the base the thicker the concrete will need to be. If unsure always consult a qualified builder to ensure that you get it right first time.

Spa Electrics

Spa and Tub Electrics - Simply Spas FranceAll of our spas are powered by domestic electricity and there are strict rules that you must adhere to in order to both comply with French regulations and to protect your selves from electric shock.

A properly wired spa will never give you any electrical trouble however a poorly wired spa can be potentially fatal. Always consult a qualified electrician to take care of your wiring and never allow an unqualified person to meddle with your power. It might save you some money short term but future issues may be costly.

We can advise you on any aspect of spa wiring and we can also supply certain parts such as trip switches and outside switches for the spa.

Spa Electrics and Wiring - Professional Advice from Simply SpasFirst of all you must have a safety switch installed in your house, this is called an inter differential and has a safety cut out of 30 milliamps, very sensitive and will protect you and your property.

After this you will need a trip switch for the spa. The size of this depends on the power that you have in your house which will be mono or 3 phase. Once you have ascertained the supply we can advise you on the most suitable trip switch.

We are always happy to advise your own electrician directly so they install the power properly and as we would like it done.

Outside in the garden you will need a switch so you can turn the spa on and off without having to go inside, this would be installed no closer than 2m from the spa, it is however an outside switch and fully waterproof.

The cable should always be copper and rigid not supple and it should lay in a protective conduit. As always an earth is required and if you have soft ground a spike is fine. if your ground is solid, i.e. stone, then you can use an earth plate, this lays under a thin layer of earth and is as effective as a spike.

We are always available to advise you on the best base and electrics for your specific project so if you have a question please ask.