How We Deliver your Hot Tub or Spa

Delivery of hot tubs all over franceAll of our spas, hot tubs and swimspas are delivered by huge, articulated trucks to our depot  at St Aubin in the Lot-et-Garonne or in Cluses in the Alps or to your home address.

If necessary your spa can then loaded on to a special trailer which has been made specifically for spa deliveries.


Simply Spas France Spa Dolly

Simply spas France - Hot Tub Dolly Delivery SystemThe Spa Dolly or hot tub trailer and delivery system is the original and best method for delivering and installing hot tubs.

It's virtually the same width as a car and has a small trailer that can deliver the spa on its side so that every home or garden is accessible without even damaging the grass!

Most spas are very easy to put in place, normally delivery and installation will take around 3 hours.

Spa and hot tub delivery across France

Most spa deliveries are done without the aid of a crane, however this can be arranged if necessary.

Spa Dolly - spa delivery system from Simply Spa France
In difficult cases, delivery can be made by helicopter, our preferred helicopter company is based in the Alps and we have negotiated fabulous prices on spa and swimspa deliveries.

Swimspa Delivery

Our swimspas are delivered by lorry and then put on a 6m flat bed trailer, they are very heavy and will in all cases require lifting equipment to put them in place.

flat bed delivery of swimspas from simply spas france

swim spas may need lifting - Simply Spas France

Once in place they are very easy to install, the most time consuming element of the installation is filling it up!

You would be surprised to see where we have put some of our spas and swimspas, half way up a mountain, craned over the top of a hotel, on an Alpine balcony in the snow.

Delivery in the Alps, Coast and Country

Swimspas can be in ground above ground or semi sunk, the choice is yours. I'm happy to say we have yet to find a spot which is impossible!

in-ground swimspa - simply spa france

Delivery charges

Our Spas and Swimspas come from depots in Europe and the UK and are delivered by articulated lorries. We have negotiated the best possible price for delivery with our preferred transport companies.
Please contact us for delivery only and swimspa delivery prices, we can then calculate the price depending on your region and equipment necessary for installation.

Your spa can be delivered directly to you and removed from the transport by its taillift if installation is simple.

If you choose our installation service,  our team can intercept the lorry and we can take the spa to exactly the position that you want it to be in, install it to an existing electrical suppy, fill and make sure that everything is working perfectly and tell you first hand how to look after your spa.

We can offer transport discounts where multiple spas are delivered on the same lorry to the same place.