16 Amp Plug-n-Play Spas

13 or 16 amp plug and play spas from Simply Spas FranceThere are plenty of spas available that are designed to plug into an ordinary wall socket and these are known as " plug & play " spas. This means that all you have to do is fill the spa, plug it in and wait for it to heat up.

These spas are a good way to get over the sometimes daunting prospect of running a power supply through lofts, under or over the ground or through the house. Additionally you can avoid the expense of paying for expensive trip switches and cables.


Of course you would need to be sure that the wall socket is safe and a registered electrician can do this for you for a small fee.


These spas are exactly the same as a spa that requires a 32 amp supply, the difference these days is the way they are made with economical machinery and excellent insulation making 16 amps sufficient.

In the long run, the fewer amps you use, the lower the electrical consumption, and the lower the consumption the lower your electric bill.

The tub can be 16 amp plug and play or hard wired to the mains board. Either way there is no loss of power, it takes the same time to heat up and the spa is equally efficient whichever way it is wired up. So sometimes plug and play is a real solution to a potentially difficult installation. 
All we ask is that you get the socket certified by an electrician to ensure that it is properly connected to the earth circuit. 

We have lots of different plug and play spa options with seating for 2 to 8 people, Contact us for further details