Replacement Traditional Spa and Tub Covers

We have several sizes available.
New roller covers for swimspas too.
Please contact us for details.

Replacement Spa Covers from Simply Spa France

Looking After your Traditional Spa Cover

We are confident that with proper care your new cover will add to the overall satisfaction and energy efficiency of your hot tub. Your spa hot tub cover is exposed externally to all weathers, internally to the water treatments and mechanically stressed when lifting the cover on and off your spa. To help prolong the life of your cover we have put together this basic guide

External side of the Spa Cover

To help ensure your new covers serves you for many many years we recommend that you:

  • don't sit or stand on the cover.
  • don't apply heavy objects on the cover.
  • don't let mould or dirt build up on the cover - wash clean as required.
  • don't position the cover near walls or sharp objects which will result in damaging the cover - use a cover lifter if required.

Internal side of the Spa Cover

Whenever you top up or refill your spa hot tub wash the inside of the cover down with water from your hose pipe.

When shocking your tub ensure that you leave your cover open for 15 to 30 minutes to allow the gases to escape