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No matter what kind of day you have had, you will appreciate it when all of the jets, each one engineered for a specific purpose, begin to do their work! This spa comes complete with lights and music. Deep and wide bucket seats are the trademark feature of this spa.

Each seat is packed with a different massage jet configuration to deliver an invigorating personal massage. Standard bench seats separate the bucket seats for total seating of up to seven people. This spa includes Aqua Rolling Massage as well as the fully programmable control system found on all Glacier Spas.

  • Water Capacity: 1750 litres
  • Multi-Layered Shell Contruction
  • Maintenance-Free Cabinet
  • StarBrite Interior Perimeter LED lighting
  • 52 Hydrotherapy Jets with Styled Stainless Steel Trim
  • Multiple Zoned Air Controls
  • Soft Passion Pillows
  • Ozone Oxidation System for Cleaner Water
  • Cascading Water Fall
  • Gravity Floor Drain
  • Programmable Filtration System with High-Volume
  • Vortex Skimmer
  • Two High-Flow 3 HP Pump
  • Balboa Heating System
  • LED Safety and Mood Light
  • Heat Shield Insulated Cover
  • Stereo System with IPOD docking station
  • AquaCoustics Speakers
  • Pump 1: 2 Speed, 3 HP
  • Pump 2: 2 Speed, 3 HP
  • Filtration: Single Cartridge
  • Control System: Balboa
  • Heating System: 3KW Heating
  • Dry Weight: 365 Kgs
  • Filled Weight: 2115 Kgs
  • Insulation: Double Thermal
  • Electrical Requirements 20amp monophase or 3x16amp 3 phase

Capacity:7 seats
Dimensions: 2320 x 2320 x 920 mm
Price:€ 9995.00
Capacité:7 seats
Dimensions: 2320 x 2320 x 920 mm
Prix:€ 9995.00

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  • spa colour optionsPortabello

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