Simply Spas’ Grill Houses

Looking for something different to capture the imagination of your guests or family?

Simply Spa's Grill HousesMost of us hang up our BBQ utensils till the first sign of Spring, but with our new grillhouse you can eat out and be merry all through the winter too!

This tiny house with its beautiful door, windows and roof has a centralised smokestack which makes it comfortable to BBQ indoors!

The smokehouse is a single-room building made of high quality spruce wood. Room for up to 10 people. Equipped with a large grill. The floor area of the house is 9,2m2.

The benches inside the Smokehouse are installed around the grill making it perfect for a cold snowy evening as well as the rest of the year.

The set includes the Smokehouse, a grill with all accessories, a chimney, benches and table boards that are mounted to the side of the grill.

Technical Info:

grill house: interior view

  • Material: Spruce
  • Wall thickness: 45 mm
  • Wall height: 200.5 cm
  • Wall width: 188 cm
  • Floor area: 9.2 m2
  • Ridge height: 319 cm
  • Number of doors: 1
  • Size of a doorway: 108 cm x 170 cm
  • Number of windows: 8, openable: 1
  • Size of a window: 89 cm x 63 cm
  • Roof cover material: Bitumen
  • Deep impregnated foundation piles.
  • Tongued roof and wall boards (Outer wall bench has round profile)
  • Insulated glass for windows
  • Black roof cover material
  • Mounting tools (screws, shingle nails, etc.)

The Smokehouse is delivered in kit form: assemble it yourself or we can do it for you if you prefer! The wood contained in this set is untreated and needs finishing after the installation which guarantees its long life and beauty. Package measurement: 120 cm x 230 cm x 230 cm.